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Allan Stevens

Bold Statement :
It is better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it

About ME and My Show:
I love unwinding with good friends and great music. I love to draw and paint as it gives me time to think about life and about myself as well. I also love conversing with people who have a great witty sense of humor. My listeners are the central focus of my show. I play what you want to hear and I try to focus on humor a lot on my show as well. With me you get great music, interesting and thought provoking topics of conversation, a positive outlook and lots of laughs.

Favorite Sounds:
I listen to the 3 main genres of music that I absolutely love. The 3 R’s which are Rock, Rap and Reggae. My playlist is jam packed full of these types of music and I find that it suits all moods.

Favorite Movie:
I have a long list of movies that I really love and to make it to my list it would have to be a movie that captures my imagination and and be a creative twist to any genre. Horror has to be my all time favorite genre, so if you are a Horror fan, we will get along like a house on fire.