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System After Dark

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Lavonne Thaggard

Bold Statement:

Made In SaVuSaVu Fiji Islands.

About me and the Show:
Join me every week on the System After Dark as I take you through a variety of great music. From Rock, Reggae to Hip Hop and RnB for you to enjoy. I also have 1 hour of Homegrown Music and the Request Hour at 9pm called the Hour Of Power where you get the songs you want to hear and get your shoutouts as well. I also have throwback hits and you get to decide and listen to songs that make you reminisce on the good times.

Favorite Sounds:
Anything that sounds good to my Ears

Favorite Movie:

Triple X. the movie (not the other kind of movie) S.W.A.T. The Fast and the Furious, Independence Day (Will Smith)